Best Effective Home Remedies to Get Rid of Stretch Marks

After child birth, it is normal to have stretch marks in your abdominal area due to sudden weight loss. They certainly can be annoying but the good news is that you don’t have to live with them forever. While there are many chemical creams and other treatments to reduce them, nothing beats natural remedies with no side effects.

We have made a list of a few home remedies that can prove to be useful in reducing stretch marks over time and make your abdominal skin smooth as before.

Aloe Vera

As nutritious Aloe Vera is, it is a remedy for many problems in the body. It regenerates the skin tissues and has natural healing properties. The best part is that it is easily available in most Indian households as a plant and extracting the gel from the plant is an easy task.

Apply aloe vera gel generously on the stretch mark area and let it stay for about half an hour before washing with lukewarm water. This can be used on a daily basis to achieve effective results.

Almond and Coconut Oil

It is well-known that coconut oil plays the role of a natural healer. Combine it with almond oil and you have the perfect remedy for stretch marks. Use equal amounts of almond and coconut oil and massage regularly on the skin. The results can be surprisingly effective.

Castor Oil

Stretch marks are healed if given proper nourishment and moisture, and castor oil can do it well. Castor oil can sooth the skin if regularly used on the skin.

Cucumber and Lemon juice

The natural acidity in lemon juice works as a regulator on the skin and brings it to heal properly, and cucumber leaves a cool effect on it. Apply a mixture of both lime and cucumber juice in equal parts and rinse off after 10 minutes.

Cocoa Butter

Best used at night time, cocoa butter, if massaged regularly on skin, reduces stretch marks over a period of time.

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