7 Good and Incredible Health Benefits of Lemon

Hello friends! Today in this article, I want to explore all the benefits or Uses of Lemon in all aspects of our body.  The Uses of Lemon are many more and you will be excited once you get to know all the great Uses of Lemon for our body. If you know the hidden uses of lemon, you will definitely never skip a day without using a Lemon.  So Let’s get started to know all about “Uses of Lemon” :

Good and Incredible Health Benefits of Lemon

Good Health Benefits of Lemon

1. Uses of lemons for skin

  • Lemon is a good source of vitamin C which is an important nutrient for the human body.
  • Antibacterial characteristics of Lemon will help for lightening and improve the skin glow as it removes the Tan and dead cells from the Skin.

2. Uses of Lemons for Face

  • These days, many of us are experiencing common problems like ache, blackheads, and pimples on our face. Some of the reasons might be hormonal imbalances but most of the cases these problems are caused due to bacteria, dirt that forms on the face. This can be easily removed with the help of Lemon.
  • Rub the lemon on the affected areas of the face for some time. You can also mix honey with lemon and then apply it on the face to get powerful resolution within a short time.

3. Uses of Lemons for Hair

  • Lemon contains Citric acid. Applying lemon juice to the scalp will be useful for increasing hair growth.
  • This also helps in reducing dandruff –the most occurring problems for hair.
  • Lemon juice tightens and strengthens the hair follicle hence hair fall can be reduced to a greater extent.
  • Applying Lemon essential oil to the hair daily helps for the hair growth and scalp acne.

4. Uses of Lemon for weight loss

  • Lemon also contains a fiber called Pectin which helps in reducing weight loss. Pectin Fiber absorbs the fat in your body thereby resulting in loss of weight.
  • Drinking lemon water once a day not only makes you healthier and feels fresh all day but also it helps reduce weight loss as it contains less calories than other high calorie beverages like drinks, juices, milkshakes.
  • If you try to replace your regular tea, coffee with Lemon tea, it will greatly help in losing fat in your body so that you can lose weight.
  • Lemon tea can be easily prepared as you just need to add 3-4 spoons of lemon juice, honey and some mint leaves in tea decoction. Drink this lemon tea regularly to get a quick result to lose weight.

5. Uses of Lemon water in increasing metabolism

  • We all know that water is very important for the functions of the human body. It helps in metabolic activities of the body. Add lemon juice to water and if you drink it regularly will increase the metabolic actions of the human body. Also regulates and controls the bodily functions.
  • Pectin – the fiber which is present in Lemon helps in regulating the levels of insulin (blood sugar).
  • Lemon also improves digestion and prevents forming kidney stones. Lemon removes waste from the body and also improves the functions of Liver thereby helping in detoxification  of the body.

6. Use of Lemon in keeping body hydrated

  • Lemon is also helpful for killing Bacteria and gems inside our body as it is citrus in nature.
  • Drinking lemon water early in the morning after waking up keeps the body hydrated for the whole day. People who are facing dry skin problems drink this Warm Lemon water daily to reduce the dry skin issue. Adding honey to Warm Lemon water is an advantage too.

7. Uses of Lemon for immune system

  • Sometimes our body gets weak due to free radicals present inside our body. A free radical is a dead cell inside the body. As their number increases, our immune system becomes weak. As a result we fell ill. Vitamin C (ascorbic acid) present in Lemon has a powerful function in the human body as it helps the immune system by fighting against the Dead cells in the body.

It is always advisable that taking some good thing into action is never late. Many Researches revealed that Lemon has many more benefits to our body. Along with your healthy diet, if you add lemon also in your regular healthy diet in the form of Lemon juice, Lemon water or Lemon Tea etc., it will greatly help your body from getting ill/diseases. We care for our body regularly in all other aspects, why can’t you care with a Lemon too?.

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