Healthy tips for Tired Eyes and some home remedies

Hello Guys!  Welcome to  my first blog. In this post I want to share some of the tips to follow for Healthy tips for Tired Eyes and some home remedies.

Healthy tips for tired Eyes

Eyes are a very important organ in our body so I want to start my first blog with this topic. I am sure you will find useful information from this page and let me know if you need any information using the comment section. You can also follow my blog to get all health related tips and precautions to follow for a healthy life.

We all look around the world with our beautiful eyes but nowadays due to technology improvements, we are habituated and addicted to electronic devices like mobile phones, laptop, pads, TVs, Tabs etc.

These electronic devices have become a part of our lives and we cannot avoid them as we are very dependent on them for our life. But at the same time we need to focus on our health as well. The radiation effect and blue light emitted from these devices affects our eyes very badly. The part around the eyes is very sensitive and Continuous watching or longtime usage of mobile phones will stress or pressure the eyes. The more we use mobiles causes dry eyes, red eyes, tired eyes  which tends to blurred eyes. Tired eyes result in focusing on things very harder. Sometimes it damages our photoreceptor cell

molecules  which are present in eye structure.  Here we are providing some healthy tips for tired eyes to get some relief  and relaxation to the tired eyes and also we would like to give some dos and don’ts  to keep our eyes healthy.

Don’ts for Tired eyes

1.       Keep a distance from your face while using your mobile phone and make sure the screen is clean .

2.       Reduce the brightness to the monitor, screen  to the minimum level

3.       Ignore continued usage of mobile phones and take breaks sporadically.

4.       Blue light harms our Retina layer in our eye. So Don’t stare the screen for longtime

5.       It’s a big damage to our eyes if we use mobile phones in dark/without any light.

Dos for Tired Eyes

1.        Blink often so that it will moisturize your eyes to overcome dry eyes.

2.       Take some breaks if you work on a long time basis.

3.       Use an anti glare screen / anti glare spectacles which filters brightness

4.       For tired eyes, Press on your eyes with ice-cubes which gives instant relief.

5.       Try to avoid mobile phone usage in the dark as much as possible and have a good sleep for at least 6 to 7 hours per day.

Healthy tips for tired Eyes and some home remedies

1.        Eat at least one carrot and keera (Cucumber) daily.

2.        Maintain a balanced diet as part of your healthy diet.

3.       Vitamin A and C are very helpful for eye protection. Consuming tomatoes, papaya which are rich in vitamin A and C , Leafy vegetables and fish which are rich in antioxidants helps in nourishing the eye.

4.       Get nice and healthy sleep.

5.       Wear sunglasses /anti glares.

6.       Drink more water to reduce heat in our body and eyes.  Drinking more water is also useful for gastric problems.

7.       Lassi helps in reducing high temperature in the body. You can prepare it by mixing  curd, water and sugar in enough proportions.

8.        Intake of oranges, watermelon, sweet potatoes, carrots and other citrus fruits  as well as eggs, leafy green vegetables ,nuts and legumes are some of the essential  food for healthy eyes.

9.       Do eye exercises regularly.

10.   Follow 20-20-20 rule :  For every 20 minutes watch something  20 feet  away for  20 seconds.

11.   To get instant relaxation for tired eyes, close your eyes and apply warm cloth under your eyes gently.

12.   Keep hydrated  and shut down excessive sugar intake.

Tired eyes also known as Strain eyes or stressed eyes.  When our eyes feel  itchy, pain, weak, strain or heavy due to intense use. This is not a disease to worry about but it is always better to know how to prevent Tired eyes with some helpful tips for long term results. Photoreceptor cells in human eyes are never regenerated once damaged. We all know that Prevention is always better than cure so why not follow it? It’s never too late to start. Hope you follow my tips that I provided for your better eyes.

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