Most Effective Home Remedies to Get Rid of Migraine Pain

Hello friends! I hope you got enough information for the Gastric problem and the tips to follow to avoid Gastric problems in my last post. Today I came up with the new topic “Migraine pain” to give you more knowledge about it.  Here, I am going to explore what Migraine pain is, its causes, symptoms and finally how to cure Migraine pain with simple home remedies.

What is Migraine Pain?

Migraine is a special type of headache in which a person experiences pain in one or both sides of the head. Usually it occurs periodically with varying intensity of pain.

During Migraine pain, the brain of the person undergoes different kinds of physiological changes which stresses/strains nerves inside the brain. These changes affect the blood circulation inside brain structure. But in a normal headache one can’t see this kind of change. The severity of the Migraine pain differs from person to person based on their differences in food habits and daily life.

The migraine pain also leads to sensitivity of light, sound and smells. The person who painted with Migraine pain feels irritated by the sound, light and smells.  A migraine usually stays for 4hours to 72 hours if it’s not controlled by the person once pained.

Migraine and its Causes

The main causes of Migraine pain includes:

Hereditary:  If a parent has a history of having migraine pain, there are chances for the successors to get migraine pain.

Hormonal imbalances in the body:  This type of migraine pain is usually seen in women. Women can experience migraine pains during menstruation due to the change in the hormones in the body.

Stress and Anxiety:  This is the most common migraine cause seen in most people.  This Migraine pain triggers to the People having emotional imbalance, pressure in the working environment, Depression and tension. Anxiety and excitement are also other reasons for Migraine pain.

Improper Food habits– Low blood sugar and iron levels can leads to migraine pain in few people.

Having food in irregular timings, Junk food, and improper diet are also triggers migraine pain. Some food like Caffeine, cheese, citrus containing fruits, chocolates will also cause migraine pain.

Insufficient sleep and tiredness: Sleep is very essential as it reduces the tension and tiredness in our body. Also it regularizes the functions of the human body. If a person doesn’t sleep for at least 6-7 per day there are chances that Migraine can cause pain to that person. So irregular sleep and insufficient sleep causes Migraine pain.

Excessive Smoking and Drinking also triggers migraine pain.

Changes in Climatic Conditions are also the causes for migraine pain.


The symptoms of Migraine vary person to person because there are different kinds of Migraine pain caused by the above reasons. Common Symptoms includes:

  • Irritation towards light, smell, sounds.
  • Gastric problem.
  • Depression, lack of concentration and interest.
  • Nausea and Vomiting.
  • One sided headache.
  • Pain on face, neck and Eyes.
  • Distorted vision senility towards lights.
  • Feeling  excess warmth or cold in body.
  • Loss of appetite and lack of energy.

Effective ways for Migraine pain relief

  • Drink Ginger tea for immediate relief and make a habit of drinking green tea every day.
  • Eat Vitamin B2 (Riboflavin) containing foods like:  Eggs, Avocados, Fish, Milk, Green vegetables, Apple and Banana etc.
  • Put an ice pack on your head, neck and eyes to get instant relief from Migraine pain.
  • Sleep well and deep. Sleeping in dark and quiet rooms can reduce the Migraine pain fast.
  • Exercise and Yoga can cure Migraine pain and reduce the occurrences of Migraine pain.
  • Practice relaxation and reduce stress and strain by doing some interesting activities.
  • Caffeine and Ginger are effective remedies for Migraine pain and give relaxation immediately.
  • Smell the lavenders or good odors to feel calm and quiet.
  • Stay hydrated and drink more water. Water is a very effective way to cure the Migraine pain.
  • Massage temples gently which reduces the tension in the blood vessels to get instant recovery from Migraine pain.

Home Remedies for Migraine Pain

Following are some of the best Home remedies which can be used for curing migraine pain. These are very effective and give immediate results for the Migraine pain.

Mix of carrot Juice and Spinach Juice:  Mix carrot juice and Spinach juice in equal proportions and drink one cup of it for getting relief from Migraine pain.

Ginger juice with hot water: Take a cup of hot water and add 2-3 spoons of Ginger paste, half a spoon of Turmeric powder. Drink this mixture daily once per a day after having food.

Migraine became a serious threat to human life as it disturbs the social life of a person. It also leads to mental illness which damages the person’s lifestyle.  Migraine pain also leads to damage to the brain if it is not cured in a correct time or taken any action on it. Hope you find good information and effective ways to cure Migraine using simple home remedies and will catch you all in my next post with another useful topic.

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