Most important healthy tips for avoiding Gastric Problem

Hello friends! Welcome to my new post. Here in this post, I am going to discuss and share some useful suggestions and remedies for reducing Gastric problems. Most important healthy tips for avoiding Gastric Problem

Healthy tips for avoiding Gastric Problem

Our food habits have changed over the years and the food we are eating daily contains so much junk. Consumption of such junk foods leads to improper digestion and causes gastric problems. Before going to the topic, I will tell you what Gastric problem is and how it occurs.

Gastric problem is centered in the upper abdomen located above the belly button. It is primarily caused by swallowing air through the mouth while eating food or drinking. When we swallow this air, it disturbs the digestive system and due to which the food will not digest properly. In order to avoid gastric problems we need to follow a good diet which helps in balancing the digestive system. Adopting a healthy lifestyle is a permanent cure for acidity, indigestion and also promotes a good life.

Symptoms for Gastric problem

1. Headache and dry eyes

2. Hiccups

3. Vomiting

4. Increased Body temperature

5. Nausea

6. Loss of Appetite

7. Indigestion

8. Abdominal pain

9. Tarry stools

10. Heart burns

11. Weight loss

12. Gnawing or burning sensation in stomach.

Food that causes/increases Gastric problem

Sugar containing fruits such as apples, pears and dry fruits, oranges, capsicum, and citrus fruits will increase the gastric pain in the stomach. Sugar, Alcohol, Beans, Garlic, Chewing gum, Fizzy drinks, Wheat, Onions, soda or carbonated drinks, tea, coffee, Spicy food, Cabbage, Barley, Capsicum, citrus fruits etc. Excessive consumption of all these will result in severe Gastric problems.

Food that relieve Gastric problem

These are some of the foods which prevent gas in the digestive tract and help in reducing the pain during the gastric problem.

  • Food with high fiber improves the functions of digestive systems.
  • Consume Oatmeal, broccoli, carrots and Cauliflower.
  • Avoid carbonated drinks.
  • Drinks which are not caffeine contained.
  • Eat more alkaline food such as green vegetables.
  • Ignore High acidic foods.
  • Reduce fat containing foods such as fish and chicken.
  • Consumption of Carrot juice, grapes, avocado, olives, berries, cherries.
  • Carbohydrates such as rice and rice bread.
  • Consumption of milk and spicy food do not really cause Gastric problems but if you eat during the gastric pain, the gastric problem will increase the Gastric problem symptoms.
  • Drink green tea with honey.
  • Eat one or two pieces of garlic. Eat lighter meals in a regular interval of time rather than heavy meals.

Most important healthy tips for avoiding gastric problem

  1. Rest and Sleep are very necessary for maintaining good health. Less sleep will cause damage to the digestive system like processing food with enzymes and eliminating food from the body. For proper body functions one must sleep 6-7 hours per day.
  2. Don’t swallow air with your mouth. Some people will swallow air through their mouths which is stuck in the digestive tract and this air opposes the functions of small and large intestines. This will result in tarry stools.
  3. Proper exercises everyday improves the healthy digestive system and reduces the gastric problem.
  4. Eating smaller meals – 4 to 5 times a day instead of regular 3 times a day will give the time to digest the food in the body and proper digestion. Our body will feel free when every function of it is properly functioning.
  5. Avoid consumption of alcohol and smoking to avoid gastric problems.

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