Most Useful Tips and Home remedies for Removing Tan

Hi Everyone. Here I am with a new post. I want to share some of the most useful tips for removing Tan. What do you think is the cause of making our skin so dull and lifeless even if we use so many creams and covering all our body before stepping out of home. 

You all know how we all face this problem and want to get this Tan removed and revived from sun burns and rashes on our skin.

What is Tan? What to do to remove and get a refreshing feeling on our skin?

Tan basically happens when one is exposed to the sun. UV rays from the SUN cause tan on our body and face mainly where the most of the skin is exposed. Tan will be increased if you  do not take any precautions before getting out and it may cause Pigmentation. Pigmented area increases melanin in skin to further rescue our body from dangerous UV radiation from the SUN.

In order to protect our skin and to not get Tan, we should follow some steps or precautions. When you plan to go somewhere for a vacation and do follow some tips to not get affected by UV radiation especially to avoid sunburns and Tan.

Here are some tips to prevent Tanning

1. Use sunscreen lotion 

When you are more likely to get tanned on your vacation it is essential to use broad spectrum sunscreen lotion. Apply it on all your exposed body. If you are near water or in the sea it’s very important to reapply sunscreen lotion to prevent it being swept away and sweating or by the water.

2. Apply sunscreen even it is a cloudy day

Yes, it is important to apply sunscreen on the body exposed to cloudy days as well.

UV radiation still exists and sun rays travel through the clouds when it is really dark because of rains.

 You need to apply sunscreen on rainy days , because the clouds won’t stop rays coming through the Sun even if it is fully clouded. Chances to get Tanning is possible if not applied sunscreen. Apply any sun protection creams or lotions before going out.

Most Useful Tips and Home remedies for Removing Tan

Home remedies to get tan removed from your skin. You can try below packs which are totally available in your kitchen and surrounding plants.

1. Lemon and sugar

Squeeze one lemon into a bowl and add some sugar. Mix this well and apply it on your screen that is affected with tanning and rub gently in circular motions and wash it off after 5 to 10 mins.

Sugar acts as an exfoliator and removes all the dead skin and lemon juice makes your tanned skin lighter and it reduces most of your tanning on the body.

2. Tomato

Take half of the sliced tomato and dip this spice in sugar and rub it on your face. 

Clean your face after 30 mins. Tomato is a natural tan remover and tomato contains citric acidic which helps in removing pigmentation and dark circles on your face.

3. Ice cubes

Ice cubes help to reduce itchiness on your face and also makes your face cool and reduces irritation due to skin burns. Massage your body with ice cubes to get relaxation from sun burns and irritations.

4. Bengal gram or Besan flour with turmeric

Mix two teaspoons of besan flour and a pinch of turmeric powder with some normal water and make a thick and smooth paste. 

Clean your face with water and apply this mixture on the face and wait for a few minutes until the paste tightens on your face. You can feel tightness when the paste gets dried. Clean completely with cool water and pat it dry. Apply some moisturiser.

5. Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera is the best tan remover. Apply pulpit gel of the aloe Vera stem daily on your affected tanned area on the face. You can see great change and it makes your skin look fresh and clean. Aloe Vera makes your skin lighten from tan or sun burns and heals the pains of the body. For better results apply this gel on your face daily.

Do not neglect and go without any precautions if you want to go on a vacation or even if you go out for sometime. Do apply sun protection creams and sunscreen lotions based on your skin type and area that you live. Keep hydrated yourself and consume supplements if you are suffering from sun burns or serious pigmentations on your skin.

Sun tanning is not a dangerous thing but it causes pigmentation due to melanin. Your skin produces melanin in order to rescue UVA rays from the Sun.

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