Unique and Simple Home Remedies to avoid pimples on the face

What can we do to reduce pimples on our face?

Having pimples on your face is a very common problem that occurs when one is in teenage years.

Pimples are also known as Acne, which is caused by excessive oil produced by our skin which leads to skin diseases and leaves blemishes on the face of the skin, neck and shoulder parts.

Unique and Simple Home Remedies to avoid pimples on the face

Our body protects our skin and hair strongly by producing lubricants. Sebasis glands under our skin produce sebum which spreads all over the skin. This sebum usually helps to remove dead skin cells from our body. When this process happens, the dead skin cells removed from our body or skin clogs the pores. Here the bacterial action occurs and increases its production on the skin which leads to clogging, blemishes and deep pores on the skin. 

Subsequently pimples will happen when the body pushes out excess fat in our body through the skin pores. One should not touch or pinch these pores otherwise it spreads all over the skin and makes this clogging even larger. 

Unique and Simple Remedies to Avoid Pimples on the Face.

1. Clean your face four times a day

Clean your face when you wake up in the morning with cool water. Next in the afternoon, then in the evening and finally when you hit the bed to sleep. Before getting to sleep, make sure to clean your face.

Keeping your face clean is the most important part to avoid pimples. It removes all the dirt and oil on your face and makes your face look clean.

2. Stream your face with hot water

Streaming your face over hot water. 

First you need to clean your face and keep a hot water bowl and stream your face for at least 15 minutes. Please don’t keep your face into the stream for too long. It causes inflammation. 

In small intervals do streaming and pat dry your face. Streaming your face cleanses the skin and also increases blood circulation. It mainly removes all the dead skin from your skin and leaves you with a fresh clean face. Doing streaming at least once a week, helps you reduce all the pimples and blemishes on your skin.

3. Keep Hydrated

Drinking a good amount of water is also a great remedy for reducing pimples on the face. Pimples are the most common problem in teen years and even some times in adulthood. This problem will be reduced if you take good care of internal work out by giving our body the best nutrients and also liquids. Applying so many cosmetic products is not a good thing. It does not only cause pimples or acne but also serious skin diseases.

Drink 250ml of water for every half an hour. It really helps clean all excessive impurities from your body and leaves your skin smooth and maintains moisture.

4. Carrot juice

Carrots have vitamin C in it. It helps heal your body from wounds and other external injuries.

Have a glass of carrot juice every day. It hydrates  your body and also reduces scars, blemishes and pimples. Complexion of skin will increase if you eat carrot daily.


  • To reduce pimples or acne on your face, avoid using too many beauty products and cosmetics on your face. If you use cosmetics, please ensure to clean your face thoroughly.
  • Keep your body hydrated all day. Don’t be lazy or hesitant to take a few steps to drink water. Drink at least 4 litres of water per day.
  • Drink carrot and lemon juice. Lemon is also a great resource for reducing acne and blemishes.
  • Sweat out excessive fat from your body. Make a habit of doing exercise every day. To flush out all the dead skin out of your body, one must do physical activities.

Finally, to get rid of Acne or pimples we must give our body physical exercise, good food and maintain healthy habits. To cool the affected area of severe acne or pimples on the skin, use Aloe Vera or ice cubes. It gives your body instant coolness and reduces pain. Do not stress yourself.

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